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Social Security Disability in Northern, MN

David J. Ewens, PA, focuses his practice on Social Security disability and SSI claims as well as workers' compensation claims and accidents. We can offer step-by-step support throughout the legal process and guidance to ensure you understand the entire procedure for any personal injury cases and even wrongful deaths. You won't be subject to surprises throughout the process; we'll make sure you know what to expect during each step.

Social Security Disability & SSI Claims

Our law firm will assist you in collecting the money owed to you by the Social Security Administration. We'll do our best to help guide you through the legal process and ease some of your stress. We can assist you with applications, filing a claim, appeals, and denied claims including representation at your hearing before a judge. We can help make these processes as painless as possible.
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Member of National Organization of Social Security Claimants' Representatives